About KSL


Who we are

KSL is all about a healthy lifestyle. It's also about being active and traveling wisely. It's about feeling good in your body, your mind and your heart. KSL is a reminder to never stop believing in yourself and to fly toward your dreams with your powerful wings. Discover innovative clothing designed in Canada for women by an inspiring community. Move, explore and shine with clothes that offer you unparalleled freedom of movement.

A wardrobe full of possibilities

All KSL garments are designed with a focus on the mix & match concept. This makes it easy to create a harmonious wardrobe with endless outfit possibilities for every occasion. Getting dressed in style has never been easier with KSL! Indeed, our designer Katy St-Laurent is the expert in creating versatile, innovative and stylish clothing with a magical twist.

Spread your wings towards new destinations

Katy is an avid traveler who loves discovering new places and going on adventures. No matter the destination, Katy knows it's always important to pack versatile, easy-to-wear and comfortable clothes. That's why she designed the Travel Collection, which is made up of chic, festive and distinguished pieces that are perfect for your next trip.